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There are sometimes a few things which make a businessman look money minded and indifferent to social issues. But if you step into the shoes of a businessman you would be forced to think the same way. Moreover if your business isn’t illegal and is a developmental activity you would rather be amazed at people opposing your moves every now and then.

Gregg Singer, CEO Of Singer Financial Corporation, New York has been going through the same phase for quite a long time now. He has been opposed by a group of the society which feels that Gregg Singer is exhibiting complete disregard to the sentiments and emotions of the people of New York. Although some believe that his style of working is not in any way wrong. They say that if he has taken some stern decisions in a few cases then it was something that any businessman would have to do to safeguard his interests. It is sad that people take pride in blaming others for what they may also do.

21st century is what people are living in still they sometimes behave differently. Restoring the beauty of a country’s heritage is quite appreciating but using this idea as an argument in the way of new developments is not desirable. Damaged, decayed and ruined structures if renovated and brought back with a new outlook and usefulness to the public then there’s nothing wrong about it. Gregg Singer has been battling hard to do the same. What if he is a developer? He is isn’t doing something wrong by turning the old buildings or structures into new ones.

If your house would grow old and even some part of it must have got damaged then wouldn’t you renovate it or perhaps give it a complete new look? Gregg in that sense creates value to something which has no investor to think about. Gregg and his company have taken up such projects and drawn the investors and their money to them. Projects like the Sussex House, Chesterfield Condominiums and P.S. 64 are some examples of the same kind. Now if he has to safeguard the interests of his investors by may be taking a case to the court like in case of P.S.64 then it is perfectly fine. Now by doing so if some people who are forcibly not vacating the building get evicted then you can’t blame Gregg Singer for that.

The government and the law of the land must also support him in this cause. There is nothing illegal in doing the business of a developer. Moreover Gregg does all his developmental activities once he has legally acquired possession of the structures. One must know that you carry all rights of altering some part of the land or building as per your wish if you own it.

By creating unnecessary public uproar and making things look fishy some people want to feed their political hunger. Standing in the way of infrastructural development is awful. You must willingly support developers like Gregg in transforming the face of your locality and surroundings.

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A Developer with a Vision

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A Developer with a Vision

This article was published on 2011/07/13
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