Are You a Successful Realtor, But an Ineffective Realtor Mentor?

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It's all in the details.

Sometimes highly successful professionals struggle as mentors. It seems strange to imagine that someone can excel and yet still and translate their skills into a format that is easy to understand and duplicate, but sometimes we underestimate the difficulty of a project and "skip" the boring details.

You know you are guilty of this, when you become good at something it's human nature to take all of the little details and start chunking them into bigger pieces. So when a Realtor you are coaching asks you how to do something your response is first A, then B, and finally C. The problem is that there are probably a hundred plus different ways to execute step A, B & C, but if they are not done specifically as you have done them then the competitive advantage of your technique is lost and the Realtor feels that you're coaching is ineffective, and they are right it is.

Now you may be thinking, hey that happens to be but I told them exactly how to do it and they just didn't listen.

This happens too for a variety of reasons. A few of the biggest are:
1. It was too difficult for them to do it that way
2. They 'missed' that part
3. They are experimenters that will ask for help and always do it "their way" in the end.

The first two are easy to deal with and will save you a headache in the end because your clients will be wildly successful and worship you for it. Here's what you do. Make it so easy that a 14 year old could do it. Am I saying the people you coach are stupid? NO, have you seen the 8th grade math homework? Anyway, I digress. My point is that if you couldn't literally give this information to a 8th grader and get the results that you are looking for then you are not making it easy enough.


Your clients are busy and distracted just like you. They have family obligations and their day to day work obligations, are tying to squeeze in time for hobbies and a social life and yes they are trying to improve themselves and their career too. (That's where you come in.) So make it easy on them. Have pre-filled forms and templates, use step-by-step detailed lists, include contacts to outsource tasks if it's appropriate and they can afford it. Teach complex methods in several different ways so that they can learn in a way that's convenient for them.

Finally, if you are coaching a Realtor that falls into the last category it's been my experience that it's best to just be up front with them. Tell them that you admire their drive to find a better way, share with them what has worked for you and tell them that if they choose to change part of the process you cannot predict their results, but to keep you in the loop because you are always interested in learning about new techniques. If you have strong methods and you give your clients some wiggle room they will likely come back around to doing it your way in the end, after all it's easier.

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Are You a Successful Realtor, But an Ineffective Realtor Mentor?

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This article was published on 2010/03/30