Dictators - A Way of Thinking

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The president of Zimbabwe thinks a certain way, a way the west does not understand, for it will allow its people to suffer and get raped, and so forth. Hamas, has a different way of thinking that the rest of the world does not understand, it also will allow its people to die and parish for its end goals.

The North Korean president has a way of thinking, the world does not understand likewise, and will allow his people to starve to death, but wants nuclear arms (but they will take a handout if you offer it, so they can feed their soldiers); they will find money for that arms. President of Venezuela uses his countries oil to slowly gain a grip here and there, not really caring about his people, because he gives most of their resources away to gain control of leaders in other countries, but he does not step beyond a limit, one he made for himself, and perhaps because he knows the United States is too close to home.

Burma is in the same status as all of the above, run by an assortment of generals, hiding in the background so no one can finger who is who, and who is responsible for their chains. Al Qaeda has a special way of thinking also, anyone not under their heel, is the enemy, and therefore has a license to kill them.

What I am driving at is this: all of the above have a different way of thinking than Americans, or Europeans, for the most part. We can add Australia into this category, or most English speaking countries, also Canada. What is inside of these dictators' heads that they do not care? Haiti is another example of one of the so called new democratic dictatorships (Russia and China have formed a thin form of capitalism, and a thinner form of Democracy for Russia, and Cuba, is trying to form one now-more in name than truth and reality).

Again, I have to say, what is it makes people like these (excluding: fame, jealousy, envy, power and control), and we can add Saddam Hessian, into this rule, and Hitler from the past and Stalin. It is a certain way of thinking, and America has never grasped it.

It is really an old way of thinking. The new way is for the people by the people-a Christian way of thinking and its origins go back to Adam and Eve. Cain, when he left the Garden of Eden for killing his brother, was a bad seed, but could have repented, and he knew this, and he was going into the old world, and he knew in this old order the folks did not have much heart for anything beyond self interests, it was part of the old soul, or had became part of it, for Satan was in that part of the world, and ruled it long before the Garden was created.

It is that God's breath was blown into Adam's mouth, and thus he became the new creature, his soul was automatically different than those outside the Garden of Eden-God never blew life into those older souls, he never said he did, and he didn't, there is a difference, a soul of God, or by God (and Satan had done his homework long ago, by grabbing God out of them old souls). It had to be, because the way of thinking outside the Garden was as it is with those folks we are talking about now, whom we do not understand why they do what they do; the soul of these folks are sick and do you expect something healthy from something sick? No way.

So when we deal with these folks, we need to keep this in mind, they do not care if a hundred, or a thousand, or a million have people have to die for their cause, it is the end they are looking at, not you.

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Dictators - A Way of Thinking

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This article was published on 2010/04/04
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