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Ok pet lovers, listen to this! I found a great way to help my pet get used to having people around. But before I tell you my secret let me take a moment to explain the issues that so many people have regarding their pets and the tedious and difficult, not to mention time consuming and exhausting, ways people try to solve their pet problems.

I think the most common pet problem, or let me be more specific, dog problem (most other pets ether cannot be trained or don't need to be) is potty training! You all know what I'm talking about, how many times we have had to clean our floors and furniture from the messes dogs make. This is if we are lucky enough to be able to clean the messes from the things affected by them, because most cases or at least a lot of them, you are not able to wash or clean it! so, here is my story about I not only trained my dog (her name is Suzy) to go outside when she needed the bathroom, but how I got here out of an even bigger problem, being unfriendly to people and even in one case biting I regret to say.

The thing I need to point out is that the way I trained her to fix the first issue (potty training) and the way I fixed the second issues (not being friendly to people) were very deferent.

I potty trained her in the most conventional way. I started a habit formation process but going on walks at fixed times in the morning. I would show her I was upset if she had an accident and I would reward her and show her I was happy when she got it right. After a period of time it worked and she is a perfect dog in that regard. However, it took a lot of discipline on my part and a lot of energy. Which almost everything we do for our loved ones does. But in the case of her being unfriendly I went about it in an easy way and I was astonished how well it worked.

I bought a mannequin from a web site on line and brought it home. I drove my Suzy crazy! She started barking and running around and making me crazy. But that only lasted a short time. But after a while she started getting used to the mannequin and eventually she got used to it. And I noticed that she was not as aggressive or confrontational as she used to be. And I was only a few weeks before she was tolerant and now friendly to people. That was my trick; I hope it works for you.



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Helping Pets

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This article was published on 2011/04/23