How to Make your Ex Want you Back

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In relationships, there are times when pride gets in the way and before you know it, the other person is already moving on and you are left feeling lost.

You are probably thinking it is already too late but there are still way to make your ex want you back. First, remember that it will not happen overnight. You must know the reasons why your ex wants to end the relationship or why he/she left in the first place. If you are clueless, you can ask them directly, just be calm and mature enough to respect whatever the reason might be.

Give your self and ex time to think. Do not demand right away for things to get back the way it used to be. It does not work that way.  Do not expect that gifts and promises of change will win your ex back. It is not that simple.  You need to deal with the reason of the break up.  Even if you get back together, unresolved issues will continue to post as a threat to the relationship. It is important to break the cycle.

As mentioned be mature and do not stalk your ex by texting or calling late at night informing how miserable you are. Guilt tactic and depression will not get you anywhere. This behavior might even strengthen your ex's resolve to stay away from you.  You can contact your ex but not all the time. The reason why he/she broke up with you is unfortunately to see less of you. It's better to give what your ex want for the time being.

To make your ex want you back be an improved person.  This is not about pretending to be who you are not.  Just be a better you.  If you need to update your wardrobe or get a new haircut better do it. If your ex complains about your bad temper, try to be more patient.  Your ex will notice the difference and will appreciate the effort. This will send a message that you are willing to make things work.

You should be more independent, stop being clingy. You need to work on yourself while you are trying to win your ex back. Starts a new hobby or go out with friends instead of staying at home thinking about your ex.  Its okay to wait but do not be too available.  Being busy is also a good way to forget about your heartache.

Keep in mind that there is a chance that your ex might not really want you back despite all your best effort.  Show that you can move on and can accept your ex's decision. All the effort you are doing should also be a way to improve yourself and not just a way to please your ex.  Relationship, even if it caused you pain, is also a way to make you a better person.  Experiences in love will help you be more insightful.  Apply everything you learn to make your next relationship more successful than the previous one.

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How to Make your Ex Want you Back

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This article was published on 2010/11/02
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