My Changing Ways

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Daddy I know you are not with me anymore! I know that you are with our spiritual daddy but today "On Your Day" I dedicate my memories to you!

I know I was not a perfect child and you tried so hard to show me the right way and I did not listen!
But Daddy since you went home I have found my way, I have worked so hard to make you proud!

I do not know what you would say; because I had never gone this way during your living day!

I know daddy would be proud today!

Lord I know you took him away and I ask you to show him that his son has worked so hard to make him proud!

Daddy, I know when you passed away and walked through the gates of heaven you loved me so much that you spoke to God and asked him to give your son a break; because shortly after you passed blessings started coming my way:

"Thank You Daddy for your loving request to the Lord almighty because he has heard your request"!
If you could only see my success today:

I understand the difficulties you had as you raised me; because today I am a daddy too!
I am sorry for all the hard times we had; and all the long hours you worked so I could eat.
You always told me that it was an honor to work as hard as you did, but yet I could not understand your spoken words!

Today I do understand your spoken words in a clearer way
Because I would have it no other way but to see my children provided for
As it was your way to give your all to your children

Today, I would have no other way but to see my children provided for the same way you had done for us in your day!

Five minutes before you died you spoke these words to me "I Love You" and as I looked at you I saw your cheek was full tears, as you knew you were fixing to die,

I could not say the words back; for hurt and shame I felt that day,
My words to you today are Spoken this way "Daddy I do I love you so much that your ways during your day are my ways today"!

Since you have died my life has been a tribute to you if I could tell you one thing daddy it would be this "I AM SORRY YOU ARE GONE AND I MISS YOU TODAY"

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My Changing Ways

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This article was published on 2010/03/29