Organic ways to save the Earth

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There are now issues regarding human waste and the way we make our life here on earth. Humans are among the most destructive species of animals that ever lived in the planet. Not only are humans smart when it comes to improving life, but humans have the tendency to think of the short end goal rather than the long term goal of preservation. Now people are faced with the problems like greenhouse effect and global warming. Do these things ring a bell? For sure they do since it is now part of a big problem. The biggest problem humans have is the fact that people could be in danger for the next generations if we continue to live this way.

Then there came the way how people live and cultivate food. Food, though vital to the physiologic existence of people; needs to be produced in a well mannered way. People's destructive tendencies even appear on the way we prepare food. There are times when even the most endangered of all animals are still being hunted down for food. Either believed to be an aphrodisiac or something else; the bottom line is that people are consuming what it isn't supposed to be consuming.

Before things get worse, there are actually efforts by people to increase crops and food that somehow found its way to backlash against us. With genetically modified organisms, though pest infestations were eradicated, consuming such products lead to different dangerous things like immunity to antibiotics for humans. Some even claim that genetically modified organisms used on foods could be carcinogenic for the people consuming it.

Though this is a problem, there are now people who respond to the calls of the times. Now, there are options to be weighed either to go green and organic or go for the old way. Now since backward thinking is already becoming more of a thing of the past, people rather go for the natural ways of nature. Admit it or not, nature is the best when it comes to our needs as individuals.

Now, even companies are having financial gain with the use of organic means in order to be able to save the world and human race. Now vermicomposting worms are actually getting popular among farms. With organic worms, they help make the soil be healthier in a more natural way. Knowing the nitrogen cycle, worms see to it that organic material breaks down perfectly in order to provide nourishment for the soil and in relation to it create an increase in the crop production in a non harmful way. Now red wiggler worms are being sold among farmers. Worms castings for sale are getting popular because of the harmful effects of genetically modified organisms and pesticides. Now, red worm vermicomposting may well be the home of people heading to the next generation.

Having food for the table is an important thing for every individual. With food, we keep up with our daily needs. But it is also our responsibility as humans to preserve the planet for the generations of people to come.

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Organic ways to save the Earth

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This article was published on 2010/12/08