Renting A Vehicle One Way

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Most people who rent a vehicle will drop it off and pick it up at the same location. On occasion however, people will require a one way rental. This can occur for a variety of reasons including a trip with multiple destinations or a broken down vehicle. Overall this type of rental will cost you significantly more and should be avoided when at all possible.

Sometimes it will happen that the only way that you will be able to do something is the one way rental. If you just can't avoid it then it has to be done. A few key points will be of assistance in keeping the cost to a minimum. Generally the price is going to be more than 50 percent of what the round trip will cost. That is unavoidable. It is possible to look for some different discounts online. Usually the bigger the company, the better the available discounts will be. Airport locations have good deals too.

Begin by calling around to the major companies and determine the airport locations closest to your origination and destination points. These locations are more accommodating to one way rentals for the most part because they do a much higher volume of rentals and are more likely to have travelers with one way needs and may also need to have a vehicle transported to another one of their airport locations. In any case, you will find that they will offer you a much better deal on a one way rental.

There is also the option of using a discount travel company. These online companies deal with a lot more people and can offer some good discounts at certain times. There are certain online travel companies that will do one way rentals while others not at all, so that will be the first thing that gets checked. One to look at is called Hotwire and will be a good spot to check while looking.

If you need a one way rental then you may be tempted to call a local rental agency and see what they can offer you. You will be surprised at how much extra they will charge you for this service as it will usually cost you more to rent a vehicle going one way than it will to go round trip with the same vehicle. Most companies will be charging you for the return trip as well and even more because their employee will have to go and pick up the vehicle and return it to their location. That is why it is important to choose a company with many locations because most smaller companies won't offer a one way rental.

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Renting A Vehicle One Way

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This article was published on 2010/11/22